Reliability issues ruin GRS’ participation in Baja Lorca Ciudad del Sol

On CERTT Round 3, the team got to know the series’ toughest side. Only one of the three cars entered in the Baja by GRS Team managed to complete the event after two unusual engine failures. The team’s new entry performed well.

11th Baja Lorca Ciudad del Sol took place this weekend. CERTT raced at the Region of Murcia for the third round of the season. For GRS, the adaptation process to this new discipline kept going. After having great performances on the previous meeting, this was a tough one.

The team expanded its line-up by entering three cars in the Baja. Pau Navarro, who came from finishing on the podium in Baja TT Dehesa Extremadura, had Dani Oliveras as his co-driver this weekend. The new car was another T3, with Antonio Almansa at the wheel and Jorge Saiz alongside him. Almansa was returning to the championship after participating in Rally TT Jaén in another class and with another team. Josep Trinidad and Sergi Brugué completed, once again, the team’s line-up on their T4 entry.

Prologue Stage took place on Friday evening, and it was 8 kilometres long. As expected, Navarro and Oliveras were among the fastest, being in P3 and 4 seconds behind the lead. Trinidad/Brugué and Almansa/Saiz shown good pace, establishing themselves in the fight at the middle of the pack for the rest of the Baja.

Two Special Stages, 170 kilometres each, were held on Saturday. On the first one, SS2, two of our cars retired in unusual circumstances. Navarro and Oliveras’ T3 had an engine failure shortly after the start. The driver from Llagostera lost all chances when he had the pace to fight for the win. Later, Trinidad and Brugué had a similar mechanical issue while being in Top 10 pace. It was a disappointing situation as we lost two cars in a situation out of the team’s control, having two engines broken down almost at the same time. On the other hand, Almansa and Saiz finished in a good P19, getting into the overall Top 20.

Almansa and Saiz’s T3 was therefore our only participant to take part in SS3. Their performance was significantly strong, finishing the Baja in P16 overall and P6 on T3 class. A promising debut for them, who will undoubtedly bring further success into the team in the near future.

GRS completes the Baja with mixed feelings. While the pace was good for all drivers, an unfortunate issue, unrelated to the team’s work, ruined most of our opportunities. The team will deeply search for the causes of these problems to return stronger than ever in Cierzo Rally Ejército de Tierra, set to be held in July 6-7.